About Us

If you have been online for a while you have probably know how much information there is available. Any subject you can think of is covered with a multitude of opinions and unreliable information. We are trying to provide a site that offers a few opinions, suggestions and products to help the average person gain as much useful and accurate information as possible without brain freeze.

We are the Hubbards from Colorado.  Jerry (that’s me) and Della (that’s my wonderful wife of 59 years)  We have lived in the same house at the foot of the Rockies for 45 years.

Now you know we are not youngsters.  We have lived through many hard times and many more good times.  We have been blessed with 4 great kids, 6 fantastic grand kids & 6 Great Grand Kids.

We have worked for others and we have owned and operated our own businesses both online and off.  We experienced failure and success.  we truly believe that operating your own business is the path to independence and financial security. We hope our experience will help many avoid the pitfalls of life and enjoy the successes.

You will find us honest and conservative.  Feel free to disagree but please be respectful.

The Hubbards